Council of European BioRegions

The Council of European BioRegions asbl is a membership-driven network of lifescience clusters across Europe, primarily within the health sector.

CEBR’s objectives include:

  • Improve support for cluster planning and management through sharing good practice and joint initiatives between regions
  • Reduce fragmentation of companies and regions in Europe
  • Transform competitiveness into cooperation between regions and clusters
  • Create a European platform for cluster-driven initiatives
  • Create a profile for European clusters on the world stage

CEBR was created by its members in 2003 and now represents over 40 lifescience clusters and regions in Europe.

Full Members are defined as the primary point contact for SMEs within their biocommunity (including cluster managers, business networks, science parks, regional development agencies etc.), while Associate Members are those organisations working within the support of cluster development.

Together, CEBR members undertake:

  • Development of joint programmes to showcase European clusters and SMEs
  • Sharing of good practice in all aspects of cluster development and management
  • Provision of a single entry point for partners outside Europe
  • Representation of European clusters at global events

Visit the CEBR website at for full details and how you can become in an active and collaborative network.

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  1. Hello. My name is Shay Fleishon, And i’m the director of BioJerusalem, The jerusalem Bio cluster initiative. I would like to contact someone from your organization to further understand about your activity and oppurtunities for us with CEBR. please contact me through my mail

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