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Global Cluster Hub 2016: Digital Health – Transforming life science clusters and their management

Tuesday June 7, 1530-1700: European Commission booth, Exhibition Hall

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The BIO 2016 Global Cluster Hub brought together cluster managers and key players from across the globe, with unique insights into the arrival of digital health within their own communities, plus opportunities to build partnerships around specific aspects of digital health.  CEBR members presented specific examples of digital health cluster support activities, alongside our global international cluster partners and we look forward to opening doors between clusters on the fastest moving sectoral development in the world.


  • Welcome and introduction: Claire Skentelbery, CEBR
  • Mintlabs (Spain) Landon McKenna, COO and CFO: Slides
  • Department of Commerce (USA) Tshanda Kalombo, Senior International Trade Specialist: Slides
  • Massachusetts Life Science Center (USA) Jay Ash, Massachusetts Secretary of Housing & Economic Development, Laurance Stuntz, Director of the Massachusetts E-Health Institute (MEHI), Travis McCready, President & CEO of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center
  • Tuscany Life Sciences Cluster (Italy) Francesco Senatore, Business Development & Communication: Slides
  • Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (Taiwan) Johnsee Lee: Slides
  • Luxinnovation (Luxembourg) Thomas Dentzer, Head of Life Sciences: Slides
  • BioHealth Innovation Inc (USA) Richard Bendis, President and CEO: Slides
  • ID2Santé (France) Jocelyne Le Seyec, Director: slides
  • Chuncheon Bioindustry Foundation (South Korea) Dongoh Park: Slides

Photo gallery

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Landon McKenna
Tshanda Kalombo
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Travis McCready
2016-06-07 16.04.53
Laurance Stuntz
2016-06-07 16.45.32
Dungoh Park
2016-06-07 16.20.02
Thomas Dentzer
2016-06-07 16.11.09
Francesco Senatore


2016-06-07 16.51.15
Johnsee Lee
2016-06-07 16.26.25
Rich Bendis
2016-06-07 15.52.05
Jocelyne LeSeyec