CEBRSpace September

Where to begin?

The CEBR network set a fire at the annual meeting in Brussels with ideas and objectives from members for the next working year.  CEBR is happy to oblige and we are putting all members to work, now that the sumer holidays are over.  There are many activities to launch in a short period of time, so we will get started now and roll out more activities during September.

CEBR launched a new website in June to showcase the innovation coming out of clusters and it is currently home to the medical device SME directory.  CEBR will gradually expand this website and eventually replace are current website which is more ‘vintage’ after over 10 years of service.  So what can members do in the new website now apart from read about amazing medical device SMEs?

  • Your events – we will showcase your key cluster event, there are already a number listed, just send details to
  • Your news – both cluster and SME news. The website promotes innovation from clusters and we can spread the word!

We will continue the expansion and add new features for members as the site grows so have a look and send us your events and news!

Medical Device SME Directory – getting ready to launch the hot list!

CEBR will short launch the Medical Device SME hot list programme – with the intention to identify the fastest moving SMEs in Europe, whether for business or scientific progression.  SMEs large and small can make the list and all eligible medical device SMEs from members can take part.  Members will be notified of the full protocols for participation and the final hot list will be showcased at Medica in November and across Europe, with the target to bring partners and investors to the doors of successfully growing SMEs.

BIO 2016 San Francisco….panel discussion deadline in October

CEBR and its members are always very active at BIO and June 2016 will see San Fancisco as the host (nice!).  Submission of panel discussions to BIO helps reduce the cost of attendance and is a significant promotional support to other activities.  CEBR will work with its members to support the submission of panel discussion applications for clusters and their SMEs attending BIO.  Members wishing to be involved in panel submissions for themselves and their SMEs should express an interest here.

Training and HR Special Interest Group (SIG)

This kick started before the summer after being proposed by Biowin at the Annual Meeting and has an excellent and practical mission to improve training knowledge and provision through cluster managers through sharing needs, courses and skills.  The SIG has set the mission to map training/HR support either provided directly by CEBR members for their cluster or facilitated by the cluster manager.  The mapping exercise will be launched shortly and the SIG will host a webinar to present results and schedule a meeting at Bio-Europe for showcasing of grouped training and support.  If you are interested in being part of this group but have not yet been involved, contact

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